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This really bugs me how I can't tell which comrade posted last. It makes it a lot harder to figure o...

2nd April 2008 02:04

This is truly becoming pandemonium due in no small part to the serialized member names. Figuring out...

2nd April 2008 02:04

I'm pretty sure you have to pay to listen at the the Coast to Coast site. Your local AM radio statio...

3rd April 2008 05:04

Lol scrolling through the posts I've realized that the is the first April Fools Day for many. Some h...

2nd April 2008 05:04

This is the first April fools day for many.

2nd April 2008 05:04

Ahh ok. What does the "+" behind Comrade 39810 mean? And why don't you have one Comrade 42163?

2nd April 2008 05:04

Yes, all the pieces came together in a perfectly chaotic and destructive manner.

2nd April 2008 06:04

They are talking about some weird ass shit! I would listen on the radio but they turn down the power...

2nd April 2008 12:04

He I'm looking at my clock and its 12:33 April fools day is over! Lets end this madness!

2nd April 2008 12:04

I miss my member number lol

3rd April 2008 01:04

The scoped rifles are usually found on tables.

14th April 2008 01:04

Lol @ Jummy. I read the first one posted and then I scrolled all the way down ,intent on making my o...

14th April 2008 01:04

I'm taking a Constitutional History course in college and its very interesting. Many things that Ame...

1st April 2008 01:04

are you going to talk about the artillery shells fused to burst in the treetops, raining down wooden...

23rd April 2008 09:04

Well now vista is installed again. I bought XP at best buy today and I can't get it to start. It giv...

18th April 2008 06:04

The crankshaft was invented by Abū al-'Iz Ibn Ismā'īl ibn al-Razāz al-Jazarī

18th April 2008 11:04

Friggin image macros lol, how do you make them so quickly???

19th April 2008 00:04

This is most excellent. I must certainly not ruin it by playing on a wide screen monitor.

21st April 2008 05:04

Each and every bullet with avenge the death of my son Misha at the hands of the fascist invaders.

22nd April 2008 10:04

Its an impact grenade.

23rd April 2008 07:04

Wow this thread is on fire. Just glancing through it though I was able to find the standard argument...

24th April 2008 04:04

I've always billed myself as a person who is open to new ideas and concepts but Vista has really tes...

17th April 2008 12:04

I just can't resist posting more!:p As cream cheese said its bad to shut off an airplane engine by c...

25th April 2008 07:04

Time for a head count :p

25th April 2008 23:04

Where I live ethanol is a big deal. The government subsidizes the hell out of it and the farmers ar...

26th April 2008 00:04