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Hmm please edit this a bit,its chance not change:P also you forgot to mention the site,after lots of...

16th November 2004 00:11

hey milino can u model then?and yes i would be interested [email="lojspinjnr@hotmail.com"]lojspinjn...

24th November 2004 02:11

:bawl:some1(look at the team?:D):bawl: wow thats like a 5drouble post:p

1st December 2004 00:12

very nice there,keep it up(offer still open if u wanna join mod team:D)

26th November 2004 01:11

shame the fps is ok atm:(

26th November 2004 01:11

nooo dont delete its a amazing model!

26th November 2004 00:11

antizac could you do a bit of modeling for my mod?:D

25th November 2004 00:11

szico go online on msn(sos for a bit off subject) and midgar v2 is great!just keep the chocobo thing...

24th November 2004 23:11

minilo yes it is about that era,is there anything you can do to help,if not just please register at...

23rd November 2004 01:11

Anyone?At least register at the site guys:D

17th November 2004 00:11

Hey baron can i see a map you made,if they are good and u do have a bit of free time after u finishe...

21st November 2004 22:11

In our team we have got: Coders:None Mappers:Szico VII Falgard NozySpy Sith J Cull ShivaN...

21st November 2004 19:11

ohh k np but still very nice model

21st November 2004 14:11

almighty gir want to join my mods team? look at my siggy for site if u do

21st November 2004 01:11

very nice! (offer still open almighty:P)

20th November 2004 22:11

ooo nice work on both model and map! almighty u got msn or email?(wanna work for my mod:D)

20th November 2004 20:11

Please if there is anyone who wants to beta test,code(;)please:D),model,map anything please just ask...

20th November 2004 06:11

nice model, could icmod have it;) btw minilogo the skin is repeatadly being needed to start again i...

10th December 2004 02:12