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hi, new to the forum, wondering if you could help me. i have made my own mod, not planning on r...

25th March 2005 23:03

good point, okay, so, i will now only do sigs for people with higher then at least 10 posts, and i w...

19th July 2006 19:07

lol thanks jack :P how much rep do you need to get 1 on the rep power meter? :D

20th July 2006 20:07

lol dudes, if i wanted animated, i could do animated, buti didnt, i wanted a static random image, an...

20th July 2006 06:07

scripting is cheap, and it works, WOOOT, i gots me random siggies :) link to script to make random...

20th July 2006 01:07

you can lol, im holding out for random ones, im trying a script at the moment, hopefully it works fo...

20th July 2006 01:07

okay it doesnt work, its showing random images, but they arent the ones i uploaded, so its useless

20th July 2006 01:07

there is a way..... http://www.randomsignature.com/ upload as many as you want then you can random...

20th July 2006 01:07

lol, im in one of those moods too but then i have been gardening for a week... lol but im okay in th...

19th July 2006 19:07

S3phirothJust thought I'd churn something out quickly. Basically a showcase of the dominant things i...

22nd July 2006 02:07

my gawd jack, dont you ever leave these forums, lol :) you answer like EVERYTHING....DUDE i just fi...

19th July 2006 19:07

i am wondering if there is a way i can randomise my sigs? like something that can point to my ftp p...

19th July 2006 19:07

heres an idea, instead of having the sig request rules in a post, that only like 2% of people read,...

19th July 2006 18:07

not bad, im not too fond of the dod:s logo, but theres nothing you can do about that ;) the images...

19th July 2006 05:07

indeed, i couldnt do any better, but i am taking the image for my renders archives :D

19th July 2006 03:07

hope you like it :)

18th July 2006 21:07

i'll give this one a go, its been a while sinse i did a war siggy :)

18th July 2006 21:07

hey knipps, could you tell me how it works ;)

22nd July 2006 02:07

....and that makes sense does it? :) hehe im so dumb when it comes to php

22nd July 2006 03:07

i did one, slightly different but ont he same theme as saberkings

17th July 2006 00:07

right, i got it done :) the effect isnt the same, but i cant remember what i did :)

1st August 2006 05:08

lol necron, why you say that? yours isnt that bad, and it gives xrhstos a choice, if he ever comes b...

14th August 2006 09:08

heres my go, i did 2 just name position changes: hope ya like

14th August 2006 00:08

i use paintshop pro for my sigs, i guess that limits me in some ways, but, i've not encounted someth...

10th August 2006 09:08

well i would, cept, i dont use photoshop, i use paintshop pro :) i'll try to cut things out better n...

6th August 2006 07:08