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WHATS UP PEOPLE!!! IS AMERICA READY TO GET :0wned:!!! up the :moon:

16th August 2004 09:08

That's opposite of what the server_cvars document says, but I could try making it 2 instead of 1.

1st May 2009 09:05

Why is it always -small- maps in the contest? If they were large then these mapping contests could...

10th July 2009 04:07

That looks very, very nice. I never played The Force Unleashed so I can't say how accurate it is, b...

9th July 2009 14:07

You seem like a likable fellow. I'll read through the story and think about if there's anything I c...

9th July 2009 14:07

This sounds really cool and I can't wait to see what entries turn up as.

8th July 2009 11:07

Damn. That's all I have to say.

26th June 2009 04:06

...please don't say this project is dead.

10th June 2009 05:06

I'd actually love to see a Chris Redfield model.

22nd May 2009 07:05

Every single person has the problem. Nobody can do the animations. We could on other servers, but...

30th April 2009 13:04

Anyone? :confused:

29th April 2009 06:04

Alright, we have a server patched to JA+ 2.4 beta 3. The GLA animations are in the base folder and...

28th April 2009 06:04

Nozyspy;4872451Theyre ok, but they could be better. I think anything which will make our beloved gam...

24th April 2009 22:04

*Cough* Boba Fett would skin him alive *Cough*. :)

23rd April 2009 10:04

Whoa, you're actually making one of those frigates for your map? Those have been my favorite large-...

23rd April 2009 10:04

1. I would definitely be interested; in fact I've been pining for a graphical update mod for JK3 for...

23rd April 2009 10:04

The Soleutator;4792664:rolleyes:...Agreed... Agreed.

4th February 2009 14:02

This is looking pretty nice so far. Can't wait to see the end product.

31st July 2009 13:07

Nozyspy;4954701Whoa, where did you get that last picture from? It looks to be from the TOR Cinimatic...

22nd July 2009 23:07

It means the number of characters in the filepath (programfiles/blablabla/folder1/file2/thing3) is t...

20th July 2009 01:07

This is something that I'm really surprised hasn't been done yet: The Good soldier with a baseball h...

19th July 2009 13:07

Since when is Jesus a Star Wars character?

26th February 2009 14:02

Can't wait. Oh, and the extra model's pretty cool. Dunno what it is though. =_=

3rd February 2009 12:02

yo thx all for the warm welcome. much appreciated.

17th August 2004 05:08

Averus is funny when he's desperate.

22nd September 2008 10:09