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we need more 1st per. shooters

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:bawl:ok i know pretty much what i want can some one help me?:confused:

16th December 2006 23:12

bloodgulch,it calls it a virus when i send it to some one so they dont open it and capture the flags...

16th January 2007 05:01

ooo sorry wasent really looking at what you had i got no idea...

25th December 2006 00:12

Ok Thanks!!

3rd January 2007 04:01

how do i make a map that some one made that i downloaded work...??? i not talking about a modded ma...

3rd January 2007 04:01

can i do this on blood gulch and if i can how i unders stand most of hmt, and hht

7th January 2007 22:01

cause your most likely the first one to think of it

8th January 2007 09:01

ok look i got sparkedit and all i want to know is how to make teles and make more bolders so i can m...

15th January 2007 23:01

please someone anyone..and how come it calls my mod a virus...

16th January 2007 04:01

zip i belive let me go check..

16th January 2007 06:01

yeah me too if you figure it out tell me yo

24th December 2006 22:12

yeah its a zip im a moron i knew that..

16th January 2007 06:01

wehre can i get it....and if i can sub will you help me test it i just need some one to see how i di...

16th January 2007 06:01

will some one test it out with me please!!!

16th January 2007 06:01

ok now that i downloaded it please can someone im soo bord and need a lil help

16th January 2007 06:01

where would i get grunt tags,marine tags..and werewolve tags if there are any?

17th January 2007 01:01

ok it wont let me log in to farcry it says logging in and just stays there its not frozen but stayes...

12th February 2007 00:02

ummm ok where???

12th February 2007 06:02

its your grapghics card get a good one not a sucky one...

25th December 2006 00:12

ok this is what i have figured out.... *changeing weapon proj. *makeing warthogs keep going when i j...

24th December 2006 22:12

almsot forgot there was a mod where when you shot needler clones of you came out and also the rocket...

17th December 2006 04:12

im new at it but i know how to change all the weapons up but how do i make a weapon shoot clones yo?

21st December 2006 09:12

ummm that idea sounds sooo cool if i could help i would and you have to put a grunt thats strong as...

17th December 2006 09:12

i agree with the guy above me thats how i get points best..

18th December 2006 08:12

i got the tools what graphics card?

18th December 2006 08:12
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