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I am a nOOb at modeling and stuff like that...I want to know how to make my own saber blade, like ch...

4th August 2002 04:08

Any takers???

6th August 2002 10:08

[COLOR=red]I am a n00b at skinning but i have reskinned a couple things so far...the only thing i am...

24th August 2002 00:08

K thx

18th August 2002 19:08

I am making a new skin using the tutorial from the site,, and i need to know what prog...

18th August 2002 14:08

[COLOR=red]Ummm... I tried to dl the files and i cud only dl 2 and all the other ones were coming up...

17th August 2002 21:08

i donno y it not workin i pasted the whole url from EXiT's reply, but anyways it on page 2 and it is...

12th August 2002 08:08

12th August 2002 08:08

lol, do you think u can get someone to do it cuz ur the only person that i have had luck with... :(

6th August 2002 10:08

hey can someone plz make a Starfox skin, if you want i can provide pics of him, Thanks. ~Starfox9~

4th August 2002 08:08

Welcome. :dance:

6th August 2002 04:08

Thx dude, it doesnt have to be perfect i have tried skinning many times but i suck at it and i am st...

5th August 2002 23:08

[COLOR=red]Here is a pic of him...[/COLOR] [COLOR=red]And another...[/COLOR] It wud be really cool...

5th August 2002 22:08

K, here is what u do. You go down the hall where you push the stones and push all of em. Then you pu...

5th August 2002 11:08

What ranking system lol i am serioius

5th August 2002 09:08

That good, where did u get that sword, i have that sword.:naughty:

5th August 2002 05:08

Are they putting their hands up like what u do when u get cought by pigs, by pigs i mean cops. :naug...

24th August 2002 00:08