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hey i just say Star Trek Nemesis trailer and was wondering if any one could make that ship that the...

2nd September 2002 17:09

maybe data meant to say deck 17 or something cos i dout that the E-E has 35 decks!

5th January 2003 08:01

Capt. Dax a question then can u make the ship?

29th November 2002 00:11

Capt. Dax a question then can u make the ship?

29th November 2002 00:11

so Capt. Dax how far have u come with the model?

4th December 2002 04:12

well then can any one else help?

7th December 2002 00:12

well it doesn't matter who made it first but i would like to thank every one who tried to make this...

28th December 2002 16:12

well i saw the movie excellent, but did any one notice at the end when the remans boarded the enterp...

1st January 2003 04:01

hey after seeing nemesis i thought can some make a ramming mod where it allows you to ram into other...

2nd January 2003 18:01

yeah how cool would that be but also the damage textures to the bridge would be good aswell.

4th January 2003 02:01

no i mean if the bridge is destroyied then can someone make some damage textures so it looks like th...

5th January 2003 03:01

so has any one thought about the ramming thing, like can it be done? what i was thinking was if you...

6th January 2003 01:01

i guess school work comes first

21st November 2002 21:11

well then maybe the option when your ship is heavy damaged? or leave the option open and let the pla...

7th January 2003 01:01

finally people r catching on!

8th January 2003 04:01

has any one tried 2 work on the ramming thing?

11th January 2003 01:01

even if you made it so your helms-man to set a colision course with the ship, and then the ship woul...

14th January 2003 00:01

maybe but doesn't the ship have sectons any way like if you destroy torp system fire at the source i...

21st January 2003 02:01

any one thought about the ramming thing then?

28th January 2003 04:01

but can it be done?

31st January 2003 18:01

did u make it or download it? what ever the case put the file up 4 download on this thread so every...

7th February 2003 02:02

so has any one been working on the topic of ramming? cos i tried it and my ship was still destroyed,...

19th February 2003 01:02

well i 4 one like bridge commander as it gives a more real time game play, like u r the captain of t...

4th March 2003 05:03

a armoured voyager would b cool but i don't know if the game engine can do it. oh and Star Trek 914...

20th March 2003 17:03

if you could get a shot of this warp vapour then it would be easier to make a mod as a effect of goi...

30th August 2003 22:08