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I'm in the room that activates a Sentry Bot. I'm supposed to follow the Sentry Bot, however the unit...

21st September 2004 22:09

Keeping Mum 3/10 BOOOOOORING. 2 for pretty actresses, 1 because I giggled twice.

25th May 2007 22:05

Ok, how's Leonidas I for something different? Come and get them!

14th June 2007 19:06

But soon is not now, haw.

13th June 2007 21:06

deaf-man;3732985[quote=ChucklesMcGiggles;3685455]Starvin Marvin, your Uma fetish is both frightening...

13th June 2007 00:06

There's nothing quite like hot coffee and sweat in the morning.

12th June 2007 23:06


11th June 2007 01:06

So I had a brand new sketch book lying there for two months. I hadn't even touched it, until I saw K...

10th June 2007 23:06

goin fast is goin fast with his posts

10th June 2007 06:06

Doom 6/10 Poor as a movie, but ok if your acquainted with the Doom series. They should've sticked to...

9th June 2007 20:06

Million Dollar Baby 10/10 *weep*

9th June 2007 06:06

What's the difference between a moderator and a supermoderator? Does a supermoderator come to the re...

28th May 2007 21:05

cc.;3692980I've looked through all 7 pages Your Uma is great Starvin, but theres a 100000 other peop...

22nd May 2007 21:05

Excellent! And sharp. I especially like how you made her hair seem transparent. I don't mind if you...

16th June 2007 00:06

ChucklesMcGiggles;3685455Starvin Marvin, your Uma fetish is both frightening and amusing. Your studi...

22nd May 2007 03:05

Casino Royale 8/9 Interesting movie, serious Bond, definately better than Brosnan (I've only seen Br...

19th May 2007 00:05

It's the name for the paint that's used. Not the brand, just what they called oil paint. I don't kno...

16th May 2007 02:05

That's what they called it. It's oil painting on canvas.

15th May 2007 21:05

Well, I've been too lazy to draw to compensate that, here's an oleo painting I made y...

15th May 2007 20:05


14th May 2007 06:05

deaf-man;3673118Im Having troubles posting my pictures after i scanned them, so im afraid i cant sho...

11th May 2007 22:05


11th May 2007 03:05

Ok, later.

11th May 2007 03:05

Hmm, maybe I'll draw something...

11th May 2007 03:05

deaf-man;3736521T'is A-W-S-O-M-E-! What tools do you use for your drawings? Just a pencil and a piec...

15th June 2007 02:06