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Hey guys, I'm having some trouble with the Xmls. The first problem is I created a new fighter for th...

5th October 2008 19:10

wow... If you think that's getting assaulted you should be put in jail for what you say to me... :p...

14th March 2009 14:03

I think I know what your problem is, first you have to extract all the maps, so download the EAW Ex...

13th March 2009 15:03

I think I know what your problem is, first you have to extract all the maps, so download the EAW Ex...

13th March 2009 15:03

Yeah listen to InvisibleHand, I don't know much about bones and models, so Invisible hand, can you h...

13th March 2009 16:03

Can someone help me with my thread... click here ----->

13th March 2009 19:03

ok thanks, you have the time to tell me this but not enough time to acctually answer my question?

13th March 2009 21:03

Never mind I firgured it out! Thanks so much!

14th March 2009 00:03

stanlley;4835894no crash nothing Does this mean it doesn't crash anymore? Well... that's a start......

14th March 2009 12:03

Ok, so I just downloaded a bunch of models and made xml's for them with everything I want except for...

14th March 2009 13:03

How do you delete a thread?

14th March 2009 15:03

When you get the error screen, what does it say? It should tell you if it's the SPACEUNITSFIGHTERS.X...

13th March 2009 15:03

Also another question I have is are there anymore tools I would need besides the... -Aloviewer -EAWE...

14th March 2009 18:03

yes my texture file is in the right place. And the files are ".dds". All I want to know is what to d...

14th March 2009 22:03

ok... so heres the model and textures, can some apply the textures for me?

15th March 2009 02:03

Okay... if no one can do that, can someone tell me how to get rid of the black box around all the ne...

15th March 2009 13:03

uhh... what? :confused:

15th March 2009 19:03

:confused:alpha channel?:confused: and how do you make the backround transparent?

16th March 2009 21:03

ok, when I try to make the back round transparent, I go to "Layer", "Transparent", "Color to Alpha",...

18th March 2009 20:03

ok, new problem, I figured out that if I make the backround white and I add that to the alpha channe...

18th March 2009 23:03

That's very odd, try downloading it again from "

13th March 2009 15:03

Can someone please tell me how i would add a hanger bay to an Alliance Assault Frigate. I know that...

13th March 2009 15:03

:)This mod is awesome!:) :beer:

5th October 2008 19:10

What happens if you try to raise the shader level?

9th October 2008 23:10

Hey thx that does work! What about my second problem. If it's the same place as the models do I just...

5th October 2008 21:10
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