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Minimum: 128Mb Agp or higher video card 512Mb RAM 1.8Ghz processor speed Recommended for Ultim...

27th May 2005 01:05

Odd.. my music always stays after I drag it in. o.O

29th December 2007 20:12

CPU - E6600 2.4Ghz GPU - 8800GTS 640mb PSU - 550W Memory - 2Gb OCZ PC6400 Mobo -...

4th January 2008 01:01

Psht. Memory doesn't need to be fancy. I've never had heat sinks on any of my RAM sticks until I bou...

3rd January 2008 01:01

[VP} - Icons/Desktop icons click here I google'd it. Didn't read it, maybe it works >.>

2nd January 2008 02:01

Yeah I downloaded a few mods, that's what I was thinking as well. But I uninstalled, removed the ent...

1st January 2008 21:01

CoD4. Single player is really in depth, and VERY intense. =P And multi player should just win an aw...

1st January 2008 11:01

Shintsu;4125921 (Sheesh, old mobos were PCI crazy! My old Intel board has like four or five PCI slot...

1st January 2008 09:01

I've had the game since release and now all of a sudden as soon as I hit "Join game" it crashes as i...

1st January 2008 07:01

I have a logitech G5, and I'm using just the wood on my desk as a surface for it, but it gets screwe...

30th December 2007 21:12

crisissuit3;4120343then what should be on this thread? wait let me answer, maybe call of duty series...

29th December 2007 20:12

Both fail very hard.

29th December 2007 10:12

PC Chipmunk;4119986I sure hope theres a "block user" button when talking to the many morons in this...

29th December 2007 06:12

Thanks guys, I'll give Memtest a try. ;]

28th December 2007 21:12

I have a set of Mushkin 2x 1Gb. Maybe that's why?

28th December 2007 08:12

I got these for Christmas: - OCZ SLI-Ready 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2...

28th December 2007 05:12

I don't follow a religion but I still have Christmas, it has become more of just an American holiday...

24th December 2007 20:12

600W should be more than enough, that's really odd... was it a cheap brand?

13th December 2007 05:12

Clicky :]

10th December 2007 22:12

Heh, I used to play a game called Face of Mankind.. small community. Just recently closed down :[...

10th December 2007 03:12

Rep all around kk!

4th January 2008 01:01

...Okay? 1 server, big whoop.

9th December 2007 00:12

Uhh... I would think that the 2x 1gb sticks + 1x 512mb would be faster, but are the speeds the same?...

6th January 2008 03:01

Don't care about the money really. I have one thing on my mind! [COLOR=Silver][COLOR=Gray](this amaz...

11th January 2008 20:01

In a box outside next to the garbage bin. =P

11th January 2008 20:01