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i have it down loaded on my pc but don't know how to use it can some one help me?

10th June 2004 11:06

well Wikwakka[nl] how do i get the guns that i made in to my game and use them!!!!

10th June 2004 21:06

well how do i get to the readme? is it on lign or on my pc?

10th June 2004 23:06

Just what am i looking for on the readme, wikwakka[nl] because i don't have a readme for cod wfe

11th June 2004 00:06

hay wikwakka how will i know wen i have cod weapons file editor on

11th June 2004 23:06

i have downloaded cod map and mod tools can i use this to make maps and can someone tell me how it w...

12th June 2004 01:06

o.k i wil so how will know if i have every thing right

12th June 2004 08:06

I have it but how do i use it. Can someone help me

14th June 2004 02:06

I have things in a zip file and don't know how to un zip the files can someone help me

14th June 2004 07:06

I have things in pakscape so how do i get things from it in to my cod game?

15th June 2004 06:06

how do i get things in the call of duty /main file because i don't know how

16th June 2004 00:06

can i use the gold gun download in my cod game and how do i do it

26th June 2004 01:06

The capinet file _2bc39488f6b3e9984dea0332b016e02b required for this installation is corrupt well ho...

30th June 2004 00:06

I can't uninstall the game it says that it could not open install.log file. what does that mean and...

27th September 2004 10:09

How do you do the things that you said i should do because i did not understand any of it

28th September 2004 01:09