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Hi, i have installed the game properly and got the first 2 patches but when i try to start the game...

7th April 2006 08:04

I saw that on the trailer of EAW the AT-ST's have window shutters and foot detail and some other uni...

19th August 2006 15:08

how do i set it to get the better looking at-st's etc

19th August 2006 15:08

thank you very much

19th August 2006 17:08

If i was to buy a graphics card for under Ā£100 which would be the best to buy?

1st September 2006 10:09

I have a GeForce 5200FX graphics card with 256mb of RAM how well will call of duty run on my PC?:con...

11th December 2006 19:12

I though my ut2004 loaded fast so i timed it DM 1-7 seconds (Sometimes actually 1-2 seconds) Ons...

29th July 2007 20:07

i didnt complain did i

30th July 2007 13:07

Im getting myself a new comp soon it will have 2gb ram, 512mb nvidia 8500gt graphics card, Intel pen...

20th January 2008 21:01

Infact i'll go for the 512mb nvidia 8600gt graphics card and be a greedy boy. i heard it's better.

20th January 2008 23:01

Is the 8600 better than the 8500?

21st January 2008 16:01

Are there a fairly large amount of characters in ut3 like they were in ut2004? Also are the characte...

26th January 2008 21:01

I am thinking about buying oblivion and i was wondering how well it would play on my system : - CP...

15th February 2008 15:02

1280 by 1024 at max everything?

15th February 2008 21:02

Thanks for your help :)

16th February 2008 20:02