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what's that say? PAC-MAN??? real manly name will get your ass kicked by me, guaranteed....

11th March 2000 21:03


12th September 2000 21:09

LMAO@DOGCOW DOG'S new sig, where the hell did you cook that up? not sure if i said it or not yet,...

13th September 2000 01:09


13th September 2000 01:09

someone delete that topic or what?

13th September 2000 01:09

oh, but still, you guys should hide or not show up and take the forfeit or something, you'll see wha...

12th September 2000 22:09

scoot, i know for a fact that you suck shit at ut, just admit it

12th September 2000 22:09

you guys challenged Dark Disciples on ogl? are you guys on crack? should have challenged someone el...

12th September 2000 22:09

i hope nobody replies to this not including me, of course

12th September 2000 22:09

redm said this version of ubb only allows a few names, the more recent versions of this bulletin boa...

12th September 2000 21:09

maybe the code is making you make us believe this shit besides, this is obviously a "clever way" fo...

12th September 2000 21:09

yeah seriously crackle, you suck shit and so does your whole clan quit badmouthing riggs you fagg...

12th September 2000 21:09

dop that's probably the worst fucking signature i've ever seen, back when dogcow dog had his huge as...

12th October 2000 13:10

you're a stupid dumbass vukodlak, it's demorec, not recdemo

12th September 2000 21:09

what's sadder, a guy improving his stats, or a faggot like you who sits around all day and watches h...

12th September 2000 21:09

vukodlak, seek some serious help man, i'm not fucking kidding, you're scaring the shit out of me

12th September 2000 21:09

you better take that back, or i'll force feed it down your cock-sucking throat

12th September 2000 20:09

shut up vukodlak, DOGCOW DOG is an amazing ctf player, quit badmouthing him you're not too bad eith...

12th September 2000 19:09

If for whatever reason you can't double click on a *.umod file to install a mod you can do the follo...

12th September 2000 18:09

demostop doesn't work, in order to stop the playback of a demo, you go to "disconnect from server" i...

13th September 2000 02:09

no, he's 21

12th October 2000 20:10

dream team: sticks, vukodlak and DOGCOW DOG

12th September 2000 18:09

he's still gonna be here PB, we can still make fun of him he's just not gonna post 50 a day

13th November 2000 01:11

stop it

19th July 2001 23:07

you bitches should all stop whining and have a beer, now quit clogging this forum with your bullshit...

19th July 2001 22:07