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can some one mod this mercedes its a model 170. German generals uesd to drive is in world war two...

9th January 2005 23:01

or if the gas tank gets shot 6 times it shoud just blow up, and kill the player like a nade going of...

3rd March 2006 17:03

'[21PzGraf']Or one with a nice sidecar with an MG34/42 mounted, or at least a place to mount one for...

2nd March 2006 20:03

very good picture of all the german ship types but i dont see the Graf Spee

2nd March 2006 20:03

GauntletThe Graf Spee was under the "Deustchland" class! ;) are ok:lol::beer:the captain of the Graf...

2nd March 2006 21:03

i only drink Guinness :lol::lol: as my mother is irish :smokin:

3rd March 2006 01:03

just hat with no runes is ok just camo :) look at the pictures i love the camo helmet

3rd March 2006 01:03

there was this guy in my area where i used to live, and he blew the roof off hes garden shed tryi...

3rd March 2006 04:03

watch this clip how cool :smokin:

3rd March 2006 20:03

Großadmiral DönitzDon't let this thread result in the "The nazis were more/less evil thn you claim y...

2nd March 2006 01:03

NoCoolOnesLeftThat's been there for a while now. ohh i never seen it Great ;)clip i love the tank h...

3rd March 2006 20:03

Flippy WarbearAny date for release yet? I havent managed to find out. Cant wait for that game. I ke...

3rd March 2006 21:03

i really like these fez hats :D i love to see them in the game at some time:nodding:

3rd March 2006 21:03

Wooly_BullySeeing Fez hats in game would just remind me of him all the time... :lol: HAHAHAHA...

3rd March 2006 22:03

god this game rocks panther video

4th March 2006 02:03

yes i seen this i am very sad he is very young:( i feel sorry for hes family my brother and father...

4th March 2006 20:03

Großadmiral DönitzThis reminds me of GTA for some reason. :lol: I can't care much about motorcycle...

2nd March 2006 15:03

Komrad_BWow! Imagine what the player models of FH will look like :p yes the detail will be out of th...

2nd March 2006 01:03

yes i will play this until FH 2 come out it looks so cool:D:smokin: i like a demo first maybe

5th March 2006 02:03

hehe the problem is i sold my battlefield 1942 weeks ago :rolleyes:

26th February 2006 22:02

i love the marder will it be in FH2 :rolleyes: also an mg 34 or 42 can fit on the top :D

26th February 2006 15:02


26th February 2006 15:02

PietjeYeah i already mentioned it in my post. :) ohh yes cool sorry i did not see it i hope they mak...

26th February 2006 16:02

craka)(crakaLooks awsome...but isn't it a little early to suggest it, since FH team are working on A...

26th February 2006 20:02

Lt. LeroySome fought in Tunisia I think yes 66 were sent to north africa read here

26th February 2006 22:02