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if you have direct x 9 on your pc then that is the problem, the game doesnt recognize it. if you go...

21st April 2004 13:04

nemesis is cool and it is the best, i ike the destruction of the grissom in ""star trek 3: the searc...

10th May 2004 14:05

her is a tip, the origional game was screwed and there is something to do with when you downgrade yo...

10th May 2004 14:05

if someone could tell me WTF a ship size value is i would much apreciate it :):):):)

9th May 2004 11:05

yea i got the same thing, and yea with nano fx 2

20th May 2004 17:05

he meant an already started thread that was i think started by darkdrone

8th May 2004 20:05

just do something (this bit i do not know) then put it in paint. i have an inkling that the somethin...

7th May 2004 17:05

this happens to loads of people, i had a problem were the game wouldn't even start.:mad: first th...

7th May 2004 17:05

thats a shame, the ships aren't too shaby :)

6th May 2004 20:05

thats what i was thinking but decided to go with the damage thingy instead.

6th May 2004 16:05

cheers thanks

5th May 2004 20:05

lewrbm69 what thread is that?? Is it the one started by darkdrone because if it is, there hasn't bee...

5th May 2004 16:05

i'm fine with the ships looking weird, i only like the models. (can't you email it to me for free??...

5th May 2004 16:05

(*SPOILER*) I did that in seconds, moved on to cardys, got my a*se kicked the hell out of! Galor,...

25th May 2004 19:05

that version of the ship will get trashed by any norm ship it might happen to be shooting at!!! the...

5th May 2004 16:05

I have moved on.... though i drop by to see the potd i play and mod bc and am in the p...

27th July 2004 17:07

chaos your spreading the news of a few months ago it has already been established that there will be...

18th August 2004 22:08

Lt_Commanderalong with a steady stream of new, clueless modders.hehehe!!!:sheep:

16th August 2004 21:08

what is a directors cut feature?

16th August 2004 21:08

could do with a better voy model.... this is an a2 mod right? because this may be one of those times...

15th August 2004 22:08

errrm, that type of game couldn't be called armada because "armada" is a fleet of ships as such, an...

6th August 2004 23:08

or you could alter the source code against activisions wishes for personal use, i mean what they gon...

30th July 2004 13:07

I think the fact that trek gaming has gone back to basics and the newest games are going to be appar...

27th July 2004 18:07

with this method could i set it to any ship?

26th May 2004 15:05

Komradsky:rolleyes: Whatever. Thanks anyway.*cough**dumbass**cough*

23rd July 2004 15:07