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Has anyone made a cannon BOP mod? Like updated textures and new modle? If someone has will someone p...

22nd March 2003 03:03

I tried to add cloaking to a ship with the MPE but when i loaded the game it didn't give me the cloa...

28th March 2003 11:03

Originally posted by StarBright That's why I edit manually. It's a whole lot easier. If you want,...

30th March 2003 04:03

I'd like to see a movie based on the New Frontire books about the Excalibur and it's crew.

20th January 2003 01:01

Hmmm, last time i was there i didn't see it.

19th January 2003 14:01

Are there any plans to convert the Defiant from The Fallen?

31st March 2003 03:03

uss speed, would you please send it to me?

11th January 2003 09:01

Has anyone made anyone made a skin of Captain Archer or any other Enterprise charecter?

29th November 2002 06:11

Hey, i wouldn't mind haveing the shotgun replace the I-MOD. My e mail is [email]strekship@jaydemail...

5th December 2002 05:12

When i try to start holomach i get this error: Q_strncpyz: NULL src Is there a way thayt i can fix...

6th December 2002 11:12

Has anyone made a TMP skin pack that has all of the tos charecters in their red TWOK uniforms?

9th December 2002 09:12

I ment the red TWOK uniforms. And i already have all of Laz's plugins for the game(i'm a big fan of...

11th December 2002 10:12

In some mods they say that they come with new flags and you can put them on special teams like the E...

12th December 2002 07:12

I have downloaded the BCMP 5 times from and all of the times the file hase been corrupt....

22nd December 2002 07:12


22nd December 2002 08:12

Is there a mod that will make it so that people will die more ofen?

25th December 2002 04:12

Has any one ever made the Peregrine Class fighter?

11th January 2003 10:01

Any time.

19th January 2003 14:01

1. Self-Replicating mines(if possable in BC) 2. Battle Phaser

13th January 2003 05:01

I like the way P81's Defiant looks but i think that NoN's hp's are better.

17th January 2003 11:01

I have a Pentium II 366mz with a TNT2 vidio card and 256 megs of ram. With everything cranked up at...

17th January 2003 11:01

strider74205, i think this thred is dead.

18th January 2003 08:01

Has there been a Sydney Class mod made for BC?

18th January 2003 11:01

Another question: Has someone converted the Venture Class from Armada to BC?

18th January 2003 11:01

Originally posted by elminster Urm, a description of the weapons system would be helpful if its not...

18th January 2003 12:01