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sic vis pacem para bellum

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Karst;3575771Depends on where the battle would take place. Overall i think pirates are better suited...

10th March 2007 10:03

and im just now starting my homework :kerian: college ftw :thumbsdown:

10th March 2007 10:03

excellent idea procrastination ftw :thumbsup:

10th March 2007 10:03

we come from the land of the ice and snow from the midnight sun where the hot springs glow HAMMER...

10th March 2007 10:03

hmm... well the only solution to that problem is obviously to dominate him into submission Jack Baue...

10th March 2007 11:03

Strelok16;3575850hmm... well the only solution to that problem is obviously to dominate him into sub...

10th March 2007 13:03

i voted no, people definitely shouldnt be forced into the government education system. its pretty su...

12th March 2007 10:03

Machiavelli's Apprentice;3578566Medieval punishments? Indeed. Medieval Europe was a hard and unple...

12th March 2007 11:03

ok, is it just me, or do headsets only last about a year or so, sometimes less? i switched from usin...

23rd March 2007 00:03

Roaming East;3590861I'd rather have a business major with an extensive background in economics and c...

23rd March 2007 10:03

yeah introducting a natural predator could cause even bigger problems, thats almost never a good ide...

24th March 2007 19:03

no i never saw it i think they stopped and by i think i mean THEY BETTER HAVE STOPPED

18th February 2007 10:02

you bastard i had an Indy avatar waaaaaaay before you got one theres only room for one on these...

24th February 2007 09:02

Gun control is based on the idea of group punishment. Group punishment is a European idea, while one...

28th February 2007 06:02

my headphones just took a dump now i can only hear out of the left one dammit

28th February 2007 11:02

man Elisha Cuthbert is super hot but whenever i look at pics of her i feel like Jack Bauer is gonna...

28th February 2007 12:02

i still have speakers but if i used em id wake up my parents:bawl:

28th February 2007 12:02

now your name is better for lysdexic epople not that i care, im not ysdexlic

28th February 2007 21:02

realyl im nto!

28th February 2007 21:02

ВДВ! :ak3: :ak3: :ak3: :tank:

1st March 2007 04:03

nonononooo NOOO:bawl: PKM > ur pickles

1st March 2007 12:03


2nd March 2007 02:03

Carls Jr > crap on a stick > mcdonalds Carls Jr = real food!

2nd March 2007 23:03

shooting them sounds like the best solution to me. Everything else just takes too long or costs too...

24th March 2007 03:03

its kinda fun posting withoutb correcting all yoru misstypes

8th April 2007 06:04