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Things are lookin good cant wait.Keep up the great work guys:)

12th April 2008 06:04

Angeal's face is lookin good hope to see the finished verson.:cool:

13th April 2008 23:04

Eclypes,good work with the skins,I'm playing crisis core right now and Zack's arm pads need to be sm...

14th April 2008 00:04

I've been thinkin about trying to skin,can someone please tell me what some good programs to use are...

16th April 2008 06:04

They have been saying that they dont know when it will be released.:) But they will definatly let us...

19th April 2008 07:04

Is it just me or has this tread died?:Puzzled:

17th May 2008 12:05

Anyone that has midgar v3 map know how to get the holster that comes with the ac sword to work,any i...

23rd June 2008 01:06

Thank you. :)

24th June 2008 02:06

Has anyone made or started to make an Aeris/Aerith skin?

28th June 2008 02:06

its a shame to see all these great skins go to waste T_T

5th September 2008 03:09

Cant stop looking at picture! Looks awsome way better than KOTOR it self.Great job (scrolls up to lo...

13th August 2009 15:08

Looks great Kobra! Huge improvment on ver.1. Great job.

13th August 2009 16:08

I downloaded Zymotico's "anakin's custom jedi starfighter (v1.1)" but I can't seem to get it to work...

5th December 2009 14:12

So no one here can help me with my problem :(

19th December 2009 15:12

Looks great. :)

17th February 2010 10:02