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I would like to try to port some EoD maps to BFV... I heard that conversion is pretty easy. But how...

22nd March 2004 22:03

What do you mean by copy and paste? You can just copy the file over from BF1924 to BFV?

22nd March 2004 23:03

I'm aware that there are Vietnam boards, but they're dead for the most part right now. http://www...

22nd March 2004 23:03

Ugh... Woops. This board >needs< a delete button. *was trying to edit the above topic but repl...

22nd March 2004 23:03 Basically, I'm new to BattleCraft, and...

22nd March 2004 23:03

Nevermind, I figured it out.

23rd March 2004 04:03

Very, very cool. EDIT: Is that a katana I see?!

11th December 2004 20:12