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I am having a problem while playing as well... I can play from anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours an...

13th August 2004 22:08

I bet you didnt know this, but aside from being a kick ass presence in these hallowed halls Im also...

22nd March 2008 06:03

The one that shuts the kid up the longest!

24th March 2008 12:03

What do we spend all of the money on? Who gets it? How will we know that we've beaten back the globa...

24th March 2008 06:03

Im in love with the first girl.

24th March 2008 01:03

Global Temperature readings from 1860... :lol:

24th March 2008 00:03

pfffft... money would be 2nd on my list. :smokin:

23rd March 2008 23:03

But no spr! Yahoo! Movies Presents: The 10 Most Historically Inaccurate Movies

23rd March 2008 03:03

Frot bad... :smokin: you?

22nd March 2008 05:03

Lobo;4271672Christ, first time I agree with JumJum, it looks old rightwingers and old anarKists shar...

25th March 2008 05:03

GirlsHateMe;4269776If China did invade will it affect their ability to host the Olympic Games ? No...

22nd March 2008 05:03

Yossarian is freakin awesome at this.

20th March 2008 10:03

Dammit! Loved him. Ivan Dixon, Kinchloe on Hogan's Heroes, dies at 76 | - Houston Chr...

20th March 2008 01:03

Yossarian;4265580studiousness Who are you and what have you done to Yossarian?:spartan:

19th March 2008 06:03

You know what is really good, and quite cheap compared to its counterparts? If you havent check...

19th March 2008 00:03

Put the Jameson down... walk away slowly.

18th March 2008 20:03

So young still... He is gonna crush ol goldie!!! But Nicklaus/Palmer will always be considered the b...

18th March 2008 01:03

Archimonde0_0;4273794 Oblivion is also good for next gen systems The mods are to tasty now for con...

25th March 2008 05:03

NCOL on Blu-ray. My house, tonight! Bring Beer.

25th March 2008 07:03

:dropsjaw::dropsjaw::dropsjaw::dropsjaw::dropsjaw::dropsjaw: discuss.

17th March 2008 06:03

Hey Moose... Youre really attached to that avatar eh?

28th March 2008 11:03

Damn this reminds me of that movie "Warriors" come out and plaaaaaaaay!!! No one deserves beatings...

28th March 2008 22:03

shoes! Damn edit button is gone!

28th March 2008 22:03

Most of us are. All I really want from him is to show the NHL that he should be its poster boy, not...

28th March 2008 22:03

Not sure about that guy... but I did like how they left some things to the imagination. Like when he...

28th March 2008 21:03