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Okay Im not to good with PS words.. so I'll try to descripe what I would like.. Can it be a banner...

9th April 2006 15:04

okay heres the info for you.. can the background be dark green with bits of white in.. and can it sa...

11th April 2006 12:04

ooooooops soz i ment B.A.N.K.S sorry!

13th April 2006 10:04

Right here is the infor for you.. Sig Can it be normal sig size with these picture murged into the b...

19th May 2006 09:05

to treat girls better!

31st December 2005 16:12

Heretic your on every forum I go to.. im locust from edge btw...

29th December 2005 10:12

Yep older games were better! all the games new out now ahave basically done before just a little dif...

21st December 2005 13:12

Can someone make me a banner based around this image of ff7

22nd December 2005 15:12

Do you think graphics matter? or is game play more imortant?

21st December 2005 13:12

wuzi wu!

21st December 2005 13:12

Wuzi Mu::::: becasue its so hard to stay at the front for the whole race and thats basically your on...

21st December 2005 19:12

how do you get 2 guns out at the same time?

21st December 2005 21:12

What game(s) are you currently playing? I'm playing ff7 and gta san andreas!

21st December 2005 21:12

hmmmmm.. I liked all the ps1 C.B games!

22nd December 2005 13:12

meh, the white one looks better in my opinion! even though as I agree with Mr E that white shows mor...

22nd December 2005 13:12

Master Chief 14Yeah it's time to make the high quality games.Maybe next year that will be the focus....

22nd December 2005 15:12

true, okay I have sent them a email becasue they are clossed right now.

28th December 2005 21:12

ummm no..

22nd December 2005 16:12

ummm.. hello and welcome.

22nd December 2005 16:12

The last game I bought was GTA San Andreas, one year ago!

23rd December 2005 12:12

just this one seeing though I'm new... but I use this name for every forum I join tbh.

23rd December 2005 12:12

Nope me neither, I prefer to spend my money on having a good time wid my m8s tbh.. and that can cost...

23rd December 2005 13:12

sorry to doubble post but can someone do this please!?

24th December 2005 15:12

It was fun till 3d game in... also I played it for about a year I was addicted to it but then grewup...

24th December 2005 16:12


24th December 2005 19:12