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Consoles better than PC? I don't think that's ever happened.

25th May 2005 07:05

Browsing internet forums

28th September 2007 08:09

The reason your drawing a blank is because everything is being done with games right now. Read my m...

28th September 2007 08:09

Afterburner;3889531Would it be possible to have a "Reply in New Thread" option. It's something that...

28th September 2007 08:09


28th September 2007 08:09

How far can they go with this? A trilogy was a big stretch.

28th September 2007 08:09

There are plenty of free games available, just check out one of them. Also plenty of games at GoGam...

8th October 2007 22:10

I'd also like to know how it runs on different system specs. I have a mid-range system and am kind...

18th September 2007 06:09

-Slick-cRiSsI;3970707uhmm.. so which one is good this.. or that?

11th October 2007 08:10

I'm impressed so far with the demo. I'd love to see better maps though. Some maps from the origina...

15th October 2007 23:10

How is this game looking online? I mean, are lots of people playing it? Is it like Q4 used to be w...

16th October 2007 05:10

Yeah, but I really don't understand why they say that. I'm running at max settings at 1280x1024 on...

17th October 2007 04:10

In my first online game (Half-Life Deathmatch), my friends and I basically had a group that would co...

25th October 2007 23:10

PC Chipmunk;4001800The Witcher. Best RPG i've ever played. Really? I didn't hear much about it u...

27th October 2007 22:10

Archlord is free and is the closest thing to WoW I've seen in a free game.

28th September 2007 08:09

Prince of Persia got great reviews, I was really wanting to check that out anyway.

2nd September 2007 09:09

Besides, the new PS3 isn't even thought of as a console.

26th May 2005 03:05

It looks really good. I just don't see anything that's really different from any other mmorpg out t...

6th January 2007 09:01

what about a text based game like a MUD? Great rpg storyline and it's a cool way to play a game.

10th June 2005 00:06

People care, but all the ones who don't have games in their life.

7th January 2006 11:01

They can ban anyone they want, for any reason they want. I have heard them getting more and more st...

20th January 2006 00:01

I agree they will bounce back, I saw some marketing yesterday that looked like they were getting on...

20th January 2006 00:01

I don't have ten, but: Half-life Asheron's Call Counter-Strike Tribes 1

6th January 2007 09:01

With WoW, you can play with friends, meet new people, and set achievable goals.

6th January 2007 09:01

One of my favorites is one that I've always loved in UT since the beginning, the shock rifle.

6th January 2007 09:01
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