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Is there away to script a model change mid-game like if you are playing as Goku you can go from norm...

17th June 2004 23:06

Thanks for the help How about in the in-game story scenes. Is there away to make the model change a...

21st June 2004 03:06

sp.add it to the story line

22nd June 2004 09:06

favourite: Sonic Heroes Zone: SuperSonic The Music is cool, "What I'm made of" by crush 40 is the be...

22nd June 2004 13:06

I love sonic so much, that I know it inside and out There is 48 games, some never made it past Proto...

22nd June 2004 14:06


22nd June 2004 14:06

No all it's for all three

22nd June 2004 14:06

I was told: That the GC is 2 best. or it is the most powerful system, you just need to get the Digit...

22nd June 2004 14:06

God! it has been that long ago that I started this thread

22nd June 2004 14:06

I have not seen this for years...a year

22nd June 2004 14:06

SSJ stands for Super-Saiyan , why it as a J I have no idea, your not a Dragonball z fan are you. So...

23rd June 2004 12:06

one problem. there is no good goku models, so for now I think tavion is good to test the changeing t...

24th June 2004 06:06