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wat up new here but used to have an old account.:cya:

26th July 2004 23:07

why are there only two rounds in the bazooka kit. what are you gonna do with two rounds espcially w...

31st October 2005 01:10

oh ok as long as it aint like that on every map and i could do so much more in this mod if it werent...

31st October 2005 03:10

the US bazooka

1st November 2005 04:11

friend wanted to know if his Geforce 2 MX/MX400 would work on current AA version i know it used to...

1st November 2005 12:11

cant update since AA updated its engine video card cant take it

2nd November 2005 11:11

yeah i think thats wat city 17 is made up of 3 cities stockholm, sweden, prague czech republic an...

5th November 2005 22:11

my trusty colt. 45

6th November 2005 01:11

does anyone still play 2.1 or the ver before they changed the engine. kinda sux that i cant play the...

22nd October 2005 11:10

ok im kinda of pissed cuz all the sudden when i was playing DC i friggin got a connection prob and w...

10th November 2005 07:11

yo if you havent heard of this mod yet then check it out, its called insurgency and it looks so much...

13th November 2005 00:11

the player models look better then bf2's

14th November 2005 08:11

could go as real but the sound you hear when she turns her head towards the camera is way too fake i...

27th November 2005 02:11

i got it off cuz microsoft website wouldnt let me.

13th October 2005 06:10

looking for a desert combat clan that is mostly focused on air power. meaning the members are experi...

26th July 2004 23:07

just started it got a site up and running not fully done but its ok for now. check it

27th July 2004 09:07

why am i not allowed to post the link to the site whats so wrong about it.

27th July 2004 09:07

it says i cant have a url link in a post:confused:

27th July 2004 12:07


27th July 2004 22:07

if your a well experienced helo or aircraft pliot join here.

28th July 2004 22:07

shitz if your a good helo pliot or aircraft come here :naughty:

28th July 2004 23:07

The SOAR is looking for helo and aircraft pliots. check the site at

28th July 2004 23:07

need some help with installing directx 9.0c i got the installer thing but when i press to install it...

13th October 2005 03:10

republican love my country(USA) and screw alll those commies and leftists. and........... Marine...

8th October 2005 02:10

this sucks big time i tryed to play CS:S the other day and it says i need to update my directx so i...

8th October 2005 02:10
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