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indeed bye bye hope this illigal thread gets closed.

23rd March 2007 01:03

If you think about it Spoiler: Show the asgard tech probably has some thing to do with the Atlanti...

24th March 2007 22:03

Good thing i don't have mcAffe

24th March 2007 03:03

Welcome back Anzacsas!

24th March 2007 02:03

Basically since i reformatted my PC(which was before Christmas.) i haven't run a single virus scan,...

24th March 2007 01:03

I got i from game zone which is a bit dodgy so they do refunds for opened games.

23rd March 2007 21:03

Why don't you guys, like, report the post? = Handy little button. OH yeah i forgot thanks for the...

23rd March 2007 02:03

yes i know about shazzy i used to visit her site ages ago, it was insperatinal.

23rd March 2007 02:03

we should start a betting pool for which mod gets here first.

23rd March 2007 01:03

yeah that sit is very biased towards wars (although yes hyperspace is much faster), BUT there is thi...

25th March 2007 14:03

hm how many GF rules has he just broke??

23rd March 2007 01:03

scents do i smell?

23rd March 2007 01:03

This one is a Voyager video based on the Peter Kay comic relief cover of "Amarillo," quite good IMO...

23rd March 2007 00:03

Ok i take the game back, i get my money back and use the money to get a game for my xbox 360!

23rd March 2007 00:03

i know doesn't mean i can get a 360 game for a pc game.

22nd March 2007 22:03

yes i will just get a game for my 360 instead.

22nd March 2007 14:03

tried that also im going to take it back and demand my money back.

22nd March 2007 04:03

yes i have and no it still doesn't.

22nd March 2007 02:03

mine you i think this guy may have given up because i havn't heard anything back.

25th March 2007 03:03

Well WTF means Spoiler: Show What The Fuck i am not sure what FYI means but i am sure my friend go...

26th March 2007 20:03

i have installed the Stargate 3.0 mod.

21st March 2007 18:03

It does sound like a good idea as i know legacy can get difficult in the missions.

31st March 2007 23:03

It may be your laptops on board graphics card what make is the graphics card?

31st March 2007 23:03

The black 360 is enact going to be the xbox 360 elite.

31st March 2007 20:03

DnC;3603133I'm an atheist and don't want to be deluded by the methods of the holy followings. The tr...

31st March 2007 03:03