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hi i'm wanna be part of ur clan 2 cos am 12 no clan will exept me cos i'm to young :( i'm on ms...

12th October 2004 23:10 I would think you would know, you're on its forum ;) And I don't pos...

18th September 2008 03:09

You should use DDS converter to make the icon from a PNG, and make sure it's in the right format.

3rd August 2008 00:08

Yeah, I like the homeliness of FF better, that's why I took over when the site started dying, I woul...

22nd September 2008 22:09

Lol that would take a long time, I never even thought of that XD

12th September 2008 09:09

nah i only got msn messenger but i could get yahoo

13th October 2004 21:10

is this clan gonna be on bf1942? cos dats the only 1 ive got

13th October 2004 22:10

a la fin

14th October 2004 01:10

i say they need more booze!

14th October 2004 02:10

erm... big explosions, un laginess, and.. really fast machine guns oh an beer!:beer:

14th October 2004 02:10

[COLOR=DarkRed]undefined[/COLOR]PlZ HELP!! :confused: i can't connect to any muliplayer game on the...

8th December 2004 20:12


9th December 2004 00:12


9th December 2004 03:12

Hello everyone, I'm Super Llama, the new manager over at the Elder Scrolls filefront. I can see this...

3rd July 2008 01:07

Lol that WAS fast... lots of posts already!

3rd July 2008 02:07

Hmmm I"m already llamafied XD

3rd July 2008 02:07

Argonians :D :D :D I'm always an argonian in every ES game... lol

17th July 2008 00:07

Hmmm... I've never heard of a mod that does this, but it sounds easy enough to recreate. If you can'...

16th July 2008 22:07

I'm not sure, I think if you go manually through every icon you can make it smaller but that's very...

16th July 2008 22:07

You can download GCFScape and extract it from the Portal Content.gcf file

16th July 2008 22:07