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thanks but no thanks millertime, i'll just stick with my thompson

10th May 2003 04:05

on Enemy Territory, when I try to shoot my sniper rifle through the scope it never hits my target ev...

9th May 2003 08:05

when i try to use my rocket launcher in a single player game it always fires strait to the ground an...

5th February 2003 10:02

Thanks that helped me alot:)

3rd January 2003 12:01

when i refresh my list it will say that the server is not full, but when i try to join it says that...

31st December 2002 07:12

i use the in game server list

30th December 2002 01:12

when i try to connect to a server it always says the server is full when my server list says it is n...

29th December 2002 10:12

how do you update your punkbuster client

15th December 2002 03:12

any body here got final fantasy3 and beat it? if you have it could you tell me how to get out of th...

15th July 2003 23:07