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ahhh yeah what they said im just posting here to see my avater heh

25th November 2002 22:11

hapslash made this too ... thats supa fly ;) but dude i wo...

13th February 2003 23:02

im not sure but i think i reamember it being called Fall of the Jedi

16th February 2003 01:02

jk2 and Max Payne

16th February 2003 00:02

Originally posted by young Obi-Wan yes:D it's a 56k-userfriendly midi with only 11kb. amazing, huh?...

15th February 2003 23:02

Originally posted by young Obi-Wan also visit my site:D LMFAO!!!!!!! THE MUSIC FR...

15th February 2003 23:02

yeah nice site.... thats the host? do they have a site builder as geocities, or is i...

15th February 2003 21:02

Originally posted by young Obi-Wan :rolleyes: hmmm... am I the onlyone who thinks that the fetts wo...

15th February 2003 08:02

"FRY DID IT! wub wub wub wub" *runs away*

15th February 2003 08:02

LMAO!!!!!!!!! hi loki!!! wasent cap making this guy? (or girl i kinda cant tell:P)

14th February 2003 19:02

????????:confused: me want to know what Drico posted! that sounded interesting TELL US PLEEEAASE!

14th February 2003 08:02

thanks for the insperation man... im gonna use zealot's as a head on a model, but it woundt be zeal...

14th February 2003 08:02

what program did you check with? and if you used WinRAR then where did you check?

14th February 2003 08:02

looks good

14th February 2003 02:02

how about him saying: "Hey anybody seen my ship? its round and oh yeah... its kinda big, anybody? uh...

13th February 2003 19:02

yes that or you have copy/pasted the arm and forgot to connect the polys and verts

16th February 2003 21:02

will the skinners get credit for there skins in the mod read me?

13th February 2003 19:02

LMAO, now he should be named Barry The Giant Ewok :D

13th February 2003 19:02

would those be from the same computer? cuase that woundt work... they can see your ip i think...

13th February 2003 04:02

you must type Jedi Knight II in right?

12th February 2003 22:02

AWESOME IDEA MAN!!!!! fight the power.. lol give us a link we'll all vote for jk2 right guys? i real...

12th February 2003 21:02

it cant.. :( but if your wanting to model in studio max then get g-max first becuase its kind of a s...

12th February 2003 19:02

Originally posted by Drico BOC??? Oh boiled oatmeal cookies (their so good!) Sorry I had to say it....

12th February 2003 07:02

a buddy of mine is making a epI anakin model too pictures here:

12th February 2003 07:02

lol no man im happy to help a huy like you... your very mature about things

12th February 2003 07:02