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Meh, Ive seen better.

2nd December 2004 05:12


1st December 2004 20:12

Don't worry doom 3's expansion is comming out next year i think they will take waht were saying int...

1st December 2004 11:12

He didnt support his claim with any evidence at all. Saying somethin without evidence, which is know...

1st December 2004 09:12

in cs wounds show up everywhere. Not on the head. You shoot somebody with a shotgun in the head and...

1st December 2004 08:12

What graphic card and sound card are you using, just curious. Geforce 6800 gt and advance ac97 audi...

1st December 2004 05:12

Halo 2 sucks 10 times as much as the x box, and halo 1 put together. Worst game ever made. I cant...

1st December 2004 05:12

like she's never punched me or anything So your used to girls punching you? lol

1st December 2004 05:12

Dumb her right away, and go teach that guy a lesson for messing with your girl.

1st December 2004 05:12

Well Hl2 also has some shit graphics, shit textures, shit AI's, and shit sounds. Not to mention som...

30th November 2004 22:11

How exactly is it hack proof?

30th November 2004 10:11

That retard needs to be bann or perhaps someone should send him a trojan and teach him a lesson to m...

30th November 2004 10:11

Well I wanted to see it, but screw it. I heard it sucks too much ass. It cant be compared to the r...

30th November 2004 10:11

Cool You can upload this cool mod on the site. I used to beta test it.

30th November 2004 08:11

Ok, how does it feel real if it doesnt use historical facts. It doesnt make sense. Your trying to...

28th November 2004 10:11

I took a close up from behind G-Man BUT i just realized it got a pic of the console. ITs TGA which i...

28th November 2004 10:11

Whats soo sick about it? And the lery game isnt sick? Or gta san andreas lol where there are danc...

2nd December 2004 11:12

1 word: FAKE

25th November 2004 04:11

I didnt updated

25th November 2004 10:11

FP? Whats FP?

25th November 2004 10:11

You guys are all stupid. All you think about is the benefits of a nation/people in present time. Y...

25th November 2004 10:11

Nice, thx

25th November 2004 08:11

Grenade fragments might pierce the wall. Good enough to clean a room. Also, bullets destroy walls....

25th November 2004 08:11

Oh, and you can't chat, so you'll be expressing yourself through jumps. uhmmm lol

25th November 2004 07:11

ppsh41 would be pretty effective in room clearing 900rpm rather then the m16 burst How about a grena...

25th November 2004 07:11