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when my map start it turns of be4 it starts.... and it stand to many verts for a dynamic buf...

31st January 2005 00:01

this own haha

1st February 2005 04:02


2nd February 2005 22:02

LOL make an brush with the texture trigger and make it an entity (click on the brush then click ctrl...

3rd February 2005 02:02

HALF LIFE 2 is so much more fun.....and the doom 3 world is so booring.............. just inside pla...

3rd February 2005 02:02

ehm where can u make a barnacle eat him??? do he follow gordon in any map?

3rd February 2005 02:02

i would love a Expantion when u were a combine!!!!!!!! and see the story from a combines side a...

3rd February 2005 03:02

how to make a entity a normal brush?? i mean like u can make brushes to entitys how to make entys to...

5th February 2005 06:02

good...that u got it.... sry that i didnt answer:S

5th February 2005 06:02

i dont know if u can make snow but u can make rain........ read somewhere at search...

5th February 2005 18:02

make a prop_physics or func_static and choose a table model

5th February 2005 18:02

ok sux

6th February 2005 00:02

blow the world to pieces....

6th February 2005 20:02