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You move your head by looking up and down and stuff

4th August 2006 03:08

looks cool.I like the color scheme and gfx

10th November 2006 12:11

^oh great now we have to listen to why this thread "fayles" and is "gay"

14th November 2006 09:11

whos the 666th member?

13th November 2006 19:11

no thanks

13th November 2006 19:11

alright,I need a good multiplayer game to play on my spare time thats free.help?

13th November 2006 09:11

you know how I know your straight? -You like women -You want to kill lifeless nerds -You have good...

13th November 2006 08:11

why does Beef Flaps make excessive gay jokes?

12th November 2006 06:11


11th November 2006 12:11

hey!thats me!!!

11th November 2006 12:11

no.its prolly a screamer of sorts.

11th November 2006 12:11

alright,ill try to get the sounds for naked snake and young ocelot compiled tonight or tommorow

11th November 2006 10:11

is this you in your new red suit?

10th November 2006 12:11

lol dude,thats why you stay at Filefront.But yeah,don't discuss illegal things here cause the admins...

14th November 2006 19:11


10th November 2006 11:11

im very interested.

9th November 2006 06:11

Well if you have mortal kombat 3 for x360,then of course it don't have ninjas.If it's ultimate mk3 t...

9th November 2006 05:11

hmm,it would be awsome if someone converted the t1_Rail level to work in mp...

9th November 2006 05:11

Anakin992;3342059Human smoke was very grey, and Robot smoke was more grey than blue, unless two peop...

7th November 2006 19:11


7th November 2006 10:11

godamnit you killed SMC21.Now we don't have a legal drinker to cover us up.Wait what?He's not legal?...

7th November 2006 09:11


7th November 2006 09:11

No not there...there! Are you telling me you don't know where there is?

7th November 2006 09:11

Super Mario Bros. 64

14th November 2006 09:11

Do you like the metal gear solid series?

15th November 2006 09:11