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that would be quite easy ...... Battlefield 40k ?!?

14th May 2007 22:05

I've been a metalhead since i was 12-13 yrs old and in the beginning it was hard to find people who...

3rd May 2007 15:05

My worst injury must be when we were ice skating, I fell and someone skated over my finger. My finge...

1st May 2007 06:05

i think that good and bad can not be defined :) an example : christianity though it was good to sen...

28th April 2007 21:04

i don't think so, the game is out for like 6 months now and the first boosterpack just got out a mon...

15th April 2007 16:04

i agree with that but with the NS unlock i also like the rdx shotgun :p for titan assault and AA gun...

14th April 2007 17:04

Welcome to battlefield friends :) these things have always been in bf and will always be on pubs th...

27th February 2007 01:02

well im sorry then but since no one has posted it on the forum yet i couldn't know that :)

26th January 2007 19:01

i agree but the krylov is a match for the voss due to its faster rate of fire. the ganz sucks bigti...

27th February 2007 00:02

good idea !! last night i was on a server from a =F= clan dont remember the name and they were stil...

20th February 2007 21:02

oh kewl now i know that to thx

20th February 2007 02:02

the box says for the specs 1.7 Ghz 512 mb ram 128mb grafix

17th February 2007 00:02

ur machine can run it i think but without the multiplayer there isn't much to do only 5 maps and oth...

16th February 2007 01:02

mine is 1.53 but dont forget the accuracy : 23.63%

11th February 2007 20:02

jup he gave me the pic so i could post it on some forums :)

2nd February 2007 20:02

i love carebear landing xD its just soo versatile there are multiple ways in and u cant really cover...

1st February 2007 05:02

strange :s i can see the pic ... wierd :s anyone else having this problem ?

25th December 2006 20:12

GODDAMNED I told u to use the brakes u MOFO Its not me bud one of my clan members.. he came to pick...

24th December 2006 00:12

i got a radeon 7000 ve videocard plz help me

20th September 2004 18:09

no and i dont think it will come

20th October 2006 23:10

when it starts shooting it might mean there are enemys behind the wall or the next wall or just some...

3rd November 2006 21:11

if u kill a bot and take his kit you have some unlocks grtz

3rd November 2006 21:11

i really like the dogtag collectionstuff cuz now people ar much likely to grab knife in cqc so its m...

29th October 2006 01:10

about the free rank : did you sign up for the veteran program ? and did u use the same account to re...

28th October 2006 17:10

ive got a gforce 7900gt and ive never crashed to desktop, nor do i have lagg at beginning of a round...

26th October 2006 22:10