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what would be the good spefications for this game i have a amd xp2400+ 384ddr ram and e-Geforce fx 5...

3rd December 2003 11:12

I was wondering if someone could make me a kyle skin with out the coller, the arm patch and the extr...

7th June 2003 06:06

I want it for some skins im makeing for SOF1 and i looked in google and all i can find is pictures o...

15th June 2003 12:06

I would like to request a model just a kyle with out the coller, Belt, and the sholder pad

7th June 2003 09:06

thank u god!!:bows: [email][/email] or [email][/email] anyone...

7th June 2003 09:06

Ok i was at the store and seen the first Darkforces 2 so i though i bet its as fun as JO2 so i buy i...

8th June 2003 21:06

Is there any good and free modeling programs that will work with JK2??

10th June 2003 05:06

I gave it onemore try and u guys r right its a good game and the story is better then jk2 just one t...

10th June 2003 10:06

Is there anywhy to get thirdperson view in mp and sp?

13th June 2003 18:06

How would i get the silverblade mod 9the one that comes with that daywalker blade mod) to work in sp...

14th June 2003 16:06

I keep getting a error when i start a server it says Target_speaker with out a nosie key at (6208-28...

15th June 2003 10:06

How would i make shiny chrome??

15th June 2003 11:06

Can anyone give me a list of all the gimme commands??

15th June 2003 17:06

How do i update this crap i installed all the patched and the PB patches and it gives me the same da...

27th July 2003 04:07

Gimme = spawn thats what its called in sof1 and i have someone of them but i want all of them:smokin...

15th June 2003 18:06

How do i open pak0 in sof1 i tryed pakscape but i get a pak read error

16th June 2003 08:06

Can someone give me the Minimum Requirements for this game??

17th June 2003 18:06

ok thanx but i dont think i will beable to run it that good:( heres my specs P3 996mhz 384 ram 3...

18th June 2003 09:06

Is there anyway to load up another mod with the JA mod??

25th June 2003 13:06

Is there anyway to ip ban on SOF1? cuse i get alot of *******s in my server and when i kick them the...

26th June 2003 12:06

uhh is that the mr.happy hilt??

26th June 2003 16:06

i would like to request the Uriziel Update from the game Gothic Heres a pic Thanx in advance

4th July 2003 16:07

When i go to play MPand i go to find a server there is none and i have it set on internet and i hit...

26th July 2003 23:07

damnit.. well there go my plan :fistpunch: but thanx for ur help :bows:

22nd January 2005 07:01