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I pretend I'm cooler than AzH

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30th November -0001 00:11

Lumptious ovary vaginal efficinecy ok that was fucked up

13th November 2000 11:11

We had 10 inches of snow, so there was no school today. w000t! Yes Yes Yes I know those of you who...

12th December 2000 05:12

Hey freelance turn around, cause that's me sticking two shotguns in your face

11th December 2000 17:12

What the heck is this?

11th December 2000 10:12

Well, I can't pick a fav because everyone on this board is very friendly to each other. So its all...

11th December 2000 08:12

Never stop moving, Bigger gun always wins. Don't be afraid to camp if you start getting killed a lo...

11th December 2000 08:12

Very cool! You can use Kitanas, sledge hamers, thorwing spears. It's awsome! I always loved multip...

11th December 2000 08:12

Fragman is cool. He is slick and smooth. Very funny too I might add. And very helpful Hail Fragm...

11th December 2000 08:12

Adrian is pretty cool. you had some good stuff to say in the HL forum KMFDM - Ultra Missing...

9th December 2000 17:12

Frag and sniper aren't mods here.... Ask Pitabread

8th December 2000 13:12

Originally posted by Kazlaq: Didnt i see the word "CUM" in the Topic??? Cum owns jOOOO --------...

13th November 2000 09:11

AHHHH it looks like the storm in the Chicago area is moving away NOOOOOO

12th December 2000 10:12

Yep, this forum pisses the shit outta me. Hate Central- stop critisizing me phobos- ^ sticks- act...

13th November 2000 09:11

Oh yeah Evil larre owns jooo.

13th November 2000 09:11

must have anime porn ------------------ Mina Soko ni Nemure

13th November 2000 08:11

Vukodlak Syphon390 ? Yep, I think its hard to be post whore. More off its frustrating cause a l...

13th November 2000 08:11

Then Syphon ate central ------------------ Mina Soko ni Nemure

13th November 2000 08:11

Then sticks decided to

13th November 2000 08:11

LOL GITMAN! nice sigs. Sniper will be amused as so will I

13th November 2000 07:11

And likes to

13th November 2000 07:11


13th November 2000 06:11

First time I have had their pizza. It is good stuff. Best pizza ever! Check it out. ----------...

13th November 2000 05:11

Axiom was very helpful in finding me some great tweaks, which rocked and saved me dearly Pita you h...

12th December 2000 09:12

I wish I was a vampire

13th December 2000 03:12