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DrkSbr22;3925726credit to me for that info. it is truly easy. add that line right under the health s...

15th September 2007 23:09

OMFG. read what gavin posted i mean seriously, get x fire aim or something this isnt a chat room!!!!...

15th September 2007 23:09

DrkSbr22;3925766ok, that was un-needed. i am telling everyone that i am resigning partialy. and, for...

15th September 2007 23:09

A: i vote master chief :rofl: :rofl: Q: wats better a tank or a hovertank

16th September 2007 00:09

partical editor, eventually, i will be getting max (i'm very determined) and i will start making my...

16th September 2007 04:09

if its RGBA its 255

16th September 2007 05:09

try 255,255

16th September 2007 06:09

XD ok then its green, visiblity try 0,0 or 0 255 also, what are you trying to make white?

16th September 2007 08:09

models - .alo , textures - .dds / .tga also models don't have skins, thats the textures, you apply...

16th September 2007 18:09

Maybe. Just maybe.

13th October 2011 02:10