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yes this is going to be a really cool game i cant waite for it to come out :)

30th December 2002 08:12

the other games u get with zelda . are the best part, cause they are full games

5th January 2003 05:01

yes i saw it but it will die befroe it casm out like the indreamer did last year

13th February 2003 23:02

no i never saw this game.

11th February 2003 01:02

yes i hope they make a great race car game for the cube that would be sweet

1st February 2003 08:02

metoid prime is the best game for the cube

24th January 2003 06:01

ok thanks guys telling me about this game

17th January 2003 13:01

hello welcome. i think the cube is a great console i have 6 games for it and i also have a xbox i...

11th January 2003 12:01

wow thats cool good luck with the new cube, you are going to love it. get star fox cool game and get...

10th January 2003 12:01

yes nintendo need more game cube only games. like frist party games, and they need for the 3 party...

10th January 2003 00:01

thanks for the info on this game, when it comes out its going to be cool

10th January 2003 00:01

what happend to that game called too-human reto studieos was makeing it, it was a really cool game,...

9th January 2003 05:01

well it is pretty cool but. i dont think people will but it for 99 bucks

8th January 2003 13:01

I think nintendos next consloe should have a hard drive. because i heard that the ps3 will have a...

7th January 2003 11:01

I own the gamecube and the xbox, they are both great consoles, and the ps 2 is junk, the ps2 is not...

6th January 2003 08:01

get metirod prime then get Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker cause this zelda game is going to rock

5th January 2003 12:01

ok here are my games metriod prime star wars rouge leader luggis mansion entrunall darkness resid...

4th January 2003 12:01

the game cube can use a world war 2 fps, that better then medal of honor. medal of honor is a great...

30th December 2002 08:12

I cant wait for the zelda game thats comeing in 2 months. this is going to be one of the best game...

4th January 2003 12:01

well the reson why the gamecube game are geting better graphics is cause the devlopers are starting...

4th January 2003 12:01

In order to keep sales strong for lower profile games, in the wake of higher profile releases (i.e....

3rd January 2003 05:01

happy birthday mario :)

2nd January 2003 07:01

this game looks ok but i never played it, i might wanna get clone wars that game looks sweet

2nd January 2003 07:01

this is a pretty cool game my friend lent me it i was playing with link, but to me its just a renter

2nd January 2003 00:01

yes the memory card is cheap

1st January 2003 12:01
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