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Halo 1, just coz its pure ORSUM :)

27th December 2006 11:12

OK then. What controls do you use for actions like jumping srafing crouching....?

21st January 2007 16:01


7th May 2007 17:05

Im playing Halo again. Pc.

5th May 2007 22:05

I dont see an attachment.

27th January 2007 13:01

My trial has nearly ended, nooo! :(

22nd January 2007 21:01

Wtf why post it 3 times? Oh well, i prefer pads.

22nd January 2007 21:01

Xbox360 pad players? Or any other people that use gamepads? What do you all think about them, who h...

20th January 2007 14:01

I use mine all the time!

29th May 2007 21:05

Half life 2, San andreas and [SIZE=-1]www.xgenstudios.com/stickarena/[/SIZE]

14th January 2007 14:01

Gotta say Madd doggs rhymes aswell :p

14th January 2007 12:01

Where you gettin' these homie?

5th January 2007 23:01

Im afraid I have the answer. http://www.pinnaclegameprofiler.com

5th January 2007 23:01

Mine does that too, its not a HUGE problem

4th January 2007 18:01

I dont usually listen to music, but i might start! Im afraid i miss something, or something, if the...

4th January 2007 13:01

Would you not feel better if you had a go yourself?

4th January 2007 13:01


9th May 2007 14:05

I am thinking of buying CSS. The only problem is, i use my 360 controller for all my games. Would y...

11th June 2007 19:06

OK so i started a new game of HL2, I havent played it in ages :p Ive literally just started, but h...

3rd January 2007 12:01

Just tell me if i cant play it, I dont care.

15th June 2007 09:06

A few hours ago i was stuck there, i just remember i always went to the top Sorry I cant help more

18th November 2007 17:11

I have to play on low :rolleyes: Doesnt look terrible though http://screenshot.xfire.com/screenshot...

18th November 2007 13:11

I personally think it will. Have a read here ----> GTAForums.com -> GTA4:PC ?

19th June 2007 10:06

Cs is so fun man.

19th June 2007 10:06

Whats yours?

16th June 2007 23:06