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MerrickDSok go into the console and type /com_hunkmegs 256 as you can only assign this number to abo...

27th May 2005 09:05

Doubt it would make much difference, but signed anyway :)

1st June 2005 21:06

Nope, not while playing on a local system

27th May 2005 18:05

Type /com_hunkmegs 512 or something in console

27th May 2005 07:05

machboy:uhoh: THey call it a crosshair not a dot and you can aim better with a cross Personal pref...

25th May 2005 07:05

You could just add something like +map de_port on the shortcut file and that might work? :rolleyes:

16th June 2005 19:06

Lol no it wasn't.. was out before Souce but not the original CS :)

19th June 2005 04:06

Yea the above works, just tried it out.. You add +map Mapname at the end of the Target Line ie. E:\S...

18th June 2005 00:06

Drive:\Steam\SteamApps\teknoise\counter-strike source\cstrike\materials\VGUI\logos\ And delete the ....

15th June 2005 13:06

Found this over at Steampowered. Originally posted by Fragalishus How do I ... ? [color=yellow]M...

13th June 2005 09:06

Found this over at Steampowered. Originally posted by bl00dy_devil [color=red]CVARs --> Client...

13th June 2005 08:06

http://inpact-team.euroserv.com ^ Check out that for a good Cs:s HUD tweaker

11th June 2005 05:06

For the weather i presume you mean rain? Try this... r_RainSimulate "0" // Disablse Rain

11th June 2005 05:06

con_enable "1" // Enable The Console bind "`" "toggleconsole" // Draw Console cl...

11th June 2005 05:06

Lol not trying to sound big headed or owt but imo i can very much kick ass when i try at normal dama...

11th June 2005 05:06

Source... But i gotta admit it doesn't beat SoF2 even though i've been playing like a total newbie t...

11th June 2005 03:06

Demo's are useless on PsB (punksbusted) as they only ban from streaming PB logs and screenshots take...

9th April 2005 10:04

You have to declare the cycle in the server config first :P set sv_mapcycle "mapcyclename.mapcycle"

19th April 2005 22:04

/rcon set match_fastRestart "0" And make sure your mapcycle calls on the maps.

19th April 2005 17:04

jas_j_wCheers do you just type r_displayRefresh 100 or is it seta r_displayRefresh 100 Eithe...

17th April 2005 08:04


16th April 2005 21:04

No one in your family plays TETRIS anymore right? Same thing what will happen to SOF2 . Heh, i pop...

9th April 2005 10:04

jolt gameage Those are good and cheap hosts in the UK, not sure where you're from though :) And ye...

20th April 2005 05:04

Yea it's very easy... just make a folder (not needed) and create a voicecmds.cfg file and put them i...

1st April 2005 21:04

Not really, that grid effect is cause of missing textures in the map .pk3 (if new textures are used)...

1st April 2005 16:04