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good luck cloud with ur skins and models and i cant w8 till they're out!:rock: :dance: :cya:

14th September 2002 13:09

Cloud who is that friend that knows Sniper?

26th November 2002 15:11

can i be a beta tester?

30th November 2002 20:11

Fantastic a SG mod it would be gr8 if u made some MP maps too abd please make some jaffa with their...

30th November 2002 01:11

yea cloud guy here is right just follow the link and if u need help modelling ask for it but dont as...

29th November 2002 04:11

scorp get a modelling software and try to model urself u can only be happy if u do it urself

28th November 2002 22:11

lol i thought u thought of some1 else :lol:

28th November 2002 22:11

it would be cool if u entered something special u could go in a secret room through the stargate

28th November 2002 22:11

i dont think so

27th November 2002 18:11

great map i'm a SG fan too :rock: make some models the jaffas would be cool especially the ones's o...

27th November 2002 03:11

dunno sorry

24th November 2002 16:11

put all the dbz skins they're cool u could ask ppl to help u with the mantle that would be cool!

26th September 2002 17:09

yea it requires a model

23rd November 2002 15:11

yea hadrian i do know kenshin dbz and kenshin both rule

23rd November 2002 15:11

yea i agree but try to get to use a modelling software then u can do it urself and u'll be more happ...

23rd November 2002 14:11

without the armor for vegeta is cooler:rock:

11th November 2002 17:11

where can we get it?

1st November 2002 19:11

hi can i get the cloud model too? please send it to me @ [email]hazukashiben@hotmail.com[/email] thx

26th October 2002 18:10

quite good except the face

23rd October 2002 14:10

it's ok please fix the face and hair thx when ur done send some screenies:D

12th October 2002 18:10

Did u forget about the Hiko skin? and what about sephiroth did u finish those? and predator is cool...

11th October 2002 20:10

there is already a jack o'neil model out

30th November 2002 22:11