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Brazil,presents in WW2

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Here in Brazil we love FH2,some ppl say "I dont like this mod","this MOD sucks",bla bla bla...This i...

28th May 2008 22:05

Flippy Warbear;4671584Everything that kills people is a bad thing Yeah,you right.... :(

8th November 2008 22:11

Kev4000;4696483The lafette has this yes. I can't remember if the vickers has it though. So its pos...

28th November 2008 22:11

Soldiers running to battle,I never had a felling like this... :'(

27th November 2008 08:11

saMNadine;4683858sounds are for me the less important feature of a game, specially for forgotten hop...

25th November 2008 06:11

Normandy Night Maps.... Very Good....

21st November 2008 01:11

I had used the PF toolbox to download custom maps,and works well... :)

19th November 2008 05:11

Sry Lobo...German is not my best language... :)

16th November 2008 00:11

M1 Thompson from Band of Brothers is perfect!!!

14th November 2008 23:11

This artillery weapon,have the same system of 25 pounder for example?:)

14th November 2008 23:11

Maybe EA,Activison,etc... can read this thread and like it?Maybe put this for work? P.S.:Sry for E...

14th November 2008 23:11

But a deployable .30? Like in FH0.7?

12th November 2008 08:11

The Bolt animation of No4 is different?If yes,I think the animation of this video is better...

10th November 2008 01:11

Very good for convoys maps... :)

5th November 2008 22:11

We dont like it,because the Tiger kill you... ¬¬

30th November 2008 12:11

Thx for answers guys... :)

5th November 2008 22:11

Simple question: Which have less recoil? :) Less recoil = good for play with a high ping... ;)

5th November 2008 00:11

Dont break my heart lobo... :(

1st November 2008 05:11

Me too... =)

24th October 2008 06:10

NTH_NL;4634772 Question about the Lafette is it now the UberOwnage weapon because of the scope and s...

16th October 2008 20:10

Hmm...I really love artillery,and I cant wait for the Howitzer... :bawl:

16th October 2008 20:10

lol Its cause I'm a little "Sluggish"... Von Mudra good suggestion... :)

16th October 2008 20:10

"The first renders we have for today are of a much requested (primarily by one person)" Who is he?...

16th October 2008 20:10

Flippy Warbear;4615524The end of waiting is getting nearer! Ok I believe... ¬¬

5th October 2008 21:10

Lobo;4600327the flak is perfectly portrayed ingame, without those flaks Rommel had survived 2 weeks...

28th September 2008 04:09