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A new Clan called Great Uk Soldiers is in the making and is looking for players from the United King...

15th October 2004 12:10

Could someone make Frodo, Sam, Merry, and/or Pippin (Preferably Pippin)? They'd fit the Jawa Skeleto...

26th October 2008 04:10

Moon knight would be cool

9th October 2008 00:10

Here's another pic of Moon Knight

9th October 2008 03:10

Make one of the Hobbits from LotR they'd fit to the Jawa skeleton.

10th October 2008 01:10


10th October 2008 05:10

I mean Exported

11th October 2008 03:10

Make the balrog, a transformer, A cave troll, or some giant robot

11th October 2008 03:10

The Balrog would work well as an Mutated Rancor replacement

11th October 2008 22:10

OK does anyone know the awnser to this question: I'm doing the [url=

17th October 2008 06:10

have you decided what to make yet?

20th October 2008 02:10

Ganon would be wicked

21st October 2008 03:10

Alot of people have seen Lord of the rings.

26th October 2008 04:10

Are you looking for a challenging model?

8th October 2008 07:10

Does anyone think they could create a GF trooper from metriod? Spoiler: Show

4th November 2008 04:11

If anyone know of any good models to reskin I can try to do a reskin.

4th November 2008 05:11

Hope this mod actually gets finished, most big mods for real time strategies barely even get started...

4th November 2008 06:11

I guess I'll try and draw something up.

2nd December 2008 07:12

In KotoR II there's a guy in a bar that says "Like my Lekku? I just got them waxed, you can feel the...

2nd December 2008 07:12

Say since there's all these people making Starkiller/Galen Marek/The Secret Apprentice skins. Why do...

27th January 2009 06:01

I was suggesting that becuase everyone is making so many starkiller skins of the same outfit, why no...

30th January 2009 02:01

I'm making a texture right now.

1st February 2009 06:02

Someone was making an Ike skin (from Fire Emblem/Smash Bros.) and I searched and can't find the topi...

21st February 2009 09:02

It was Marshal Banana, it's right in his sig :P

21st February 2009 22:02

We haven't had any good LoTR skins.

8th October 2008 08:10
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