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PLX b4n /\/\3!!! n00b!

12th November 2007 01:11

Let me make this clear. At our current state, nobody is going to survive. We need cooperation. Yo...

12th November 2007 11:11

Elections already???

12th November 2007 09:11

I don't care about no Star Wars for PC that much so long it's for Wii.

12th November 2007 09:11

Comet_buster;4029884i live in a cave in the mountains stocked with weapons and food, so i'd say my c...

12th November 2007 04:11

>Omen<;4029497Say WHAT, unbiased, You must be joking nOe? Everything you say about Apple is in...

12th November 2007 02:11


12th November 2007 01:11

Dragonelf, this was a more powerful force. This was good work with... The peoples who fixes it :)

12th November 2007 01:11

Yay! I can get on again!

11th November 2007 15:11

Hmm... I'm still getting 403 errors. It was working for a couple minutes, but now it won't again.

11th November 2007 06:11

Wasabi is too spicy...

11th November 2007 06:11

Non! Anglais es tres maison!

11th November 2007 06:11

Do you actually understand WigwomX's questions?

11th November 2007 06:11

Is it a gun? Or a snake?

10th November 2007 17:11

Oh yayz! :)

10th November 2007 17:11

I don't eat babies souls, I tear them apart, and leave the remains to Seinfeld.

10th November 2007 16:11

Nobody??? :(

8th November 2007 17:11

Know your place Ki!!! *kicks* *hugs just in case*

8th November 2007 17:11

Yes. 5th time the charm.

12th November 2007 13:11

08'ers... That'll be weird. They'll make me look 1337 :p

8th November 2007 07:11

But they already are.

8th November 2007 15:11

I am human, therefore I cry. Often over seemingly small things...

8th November 2007 15:11

I will more than exercise this.

8th November 2007 15:11

I don't think they should charge him terribly. He's 10. I mean, burning tons of houses= terrible,...

8th November 2007 13:11

It's interesting what he wrote, but I still can't come up with an opinion on this.

8th November 2007 12:11