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I need something COD themed sig with the flags in it (flags attached), Make it nice, I know you all...

7th December 2004 03:12

its for a webby

7th December 2004 03:12

just do the demands I set, you can choose the rest, its just meant for decoration of the site, use t...

8th December 2004 02:12

German soldiers, COD themed and the flags are extremely important, so put them in nicely... Thanx y...

8th December 2004 02:12

Its the flag of Galmaarden (bij geraardsbergen) Where exactly are you from?

8th December 2004 03:12

and COD means "Call of duty"

8th December 2004 03:12

k, nice try though, but I say again; the flags are EXTREMELY important; Im Flemish, its just the wa...

8th December 2004 04:12

just try to fit them in nicely...

8th December 2004 20:12

aaaah, k little far away from Vlaams-Brabant eh...

8th December 2004 22:12

ok, I see, lol Thank you for helping me out!! The Cannibal

30th April 2005 21:04