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Gavin1701;3510725That sounded like one heck of a contradiction. I mean, you say it rocks, yet you wa...

1st February 2007 05:02

nice post

15th March 2007 20:03

"all these years" you mean one year? Mods take time.

15th March 2007 05:03

good catch

13th March 2007 05:03

*sticky* please

11th March 2007 05:03

More realism=Less smacktards

9th March 2007 22:03

attention to detail is one of FH's hallmarks. Without it... it's not FH.

1st March 2007 15:03

very cool update, glad to hear of new progress!

28th February 2007 05:02

holy crap, I know all thier secrets!

27th February 2007 03:02

I suppose mods want to feel like they made it on their own.

25th February 2007 00:02

San Francisco, USA

3rd February 2007 18:02

I'm definitly interested, keep up the work!

3rd February 2007 18:02

the combat sequences in star trek 1-6 were very different from those in later films. Until that time...

2nd February 2007 06:02

I would love to see a combat rebalance mod for legacy. I'll elaborate -Shields- Shields should be 10...

1st February 2007 05:02

very cool attention to detail. Why not?

27th January 2007 20:01

very cool, and seemingly, very historical!

20th March 2007 03:03

good to hear you're doing ok.

27th January 2007 20:01

Irish Jagdtiger;3505806i watched on Youtube media video about maus but it is too big. but i want be...

27th January 2007 20:01

maus could possibly be included in an alpenfestrung map, as for jagdtiger, why not include it in som...

27th January 2007 20:01

I too, would love to see bouncing bettys. However, the way mines work in the BF engine, I am at loss...

17th January 2007 07:01

I agree, legacy is good, but not great. However, modders can make it great. It's up to the community...

16th January 2007 06:01

I'm all for a few variations. but it's probably about the last thing on the Dev list, for good reaso...

12th January 2007 06:01

FN_lewrbm69;3415962mm it is ok it dose nto suck but it dose have "basic" controles. the FX work is l...

8th January 2007 01:01

I think ammo and medical supply vehicles and major stashes (not many of them) are the way to go, lik...

8th January 2007 01:01

it also varies by map.

8th January 2007 01:01