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Can someone make them?

16th September 2005 21:09

This is under table top and hobby hence this means that i am talking about the proper game not dawn...

27th October 2005 17:10

The_Doom_MasterBy the way, does anyone think a witch hunters biker and biker veteren sister conversi...

27th October 2005 00:10

Hey! I would like to know if anyone has made any cool or unique conversions and moreover would like...

26th October 2005 22:10

By the way, does anyone think a witch hunters biker and biker veteren sister conversion is possible?...

26th October 2005 00:10

A rouge biker is a biker from the rouge trader era. This one is a medic and cant be used as a medi...

24th October 2005 19:10

Wow, Iron Hands are cool, might by some to make a iron hand biker

21st October 2005 01:10

I have 600 odd points tau and a space marine bike army, i recently bought a sm rouge trader biker bu...

19th October 2005 03:10

I physicly cant make them, it would be cool if someone starts work on the moddles for the Tallarn

5th September 2005 21:09

Is there any news or chance of them ever coming out in plastic? Are the Deamon Hunters all metal? If...

28th October 2005 02:10

Does anyone think it is possible? Can someone do it? (I cant make mods)

4th September 2005 20:09

I think someone should make them

3rd September 2005 22:09

are the Tallarn going to be in the inperial army i winter assault?

3rd September 2005 03:09

I meant to make one, i would use it as a normal biker on a SM bike, are there any plastic ones ? Wer...

27th October 2005 17:10

I already am on the DoW forums, i post on there lots more than here actually

28th October 2005 18:10

Woooo!!! the tau rock. yay. I wanna get this mod and pit them agianst imperial guard!!

21st November 2005 23:11

I dont know if it will be. But someone will properbly make a made for it of good quality...

26th November 2005 16:11

Well i am getting more firewarriors but is it worth getting anymore kroot? And another Hammerhead?

26th November 2005 01:11

I have this as my Tau army, 1 hammerhead with Rail Gun 1 Devilfish 6 Firewarriors 11 Kroot (1 is S...

25th November 2005 19:11

I do table top but not 'nids, hate them!!! But Tau rock...

25th November 2005 19:11

i dont know why either, id guess its cuz they wouldnt gain anything by fighting...

25th November 2005 19:11

I have lion and Japanease mod, i was going to be Lion + Japanese but got to far with lion

19th November 2005 01:11

Whatever! I dont understand you!:moon: :moon: :moon:

29th October 2005 20:10

Actually if you install WA it updates DoW to 1.4 :(

3rd November 2005 16:11

Well my mate (i am speaking for him) has 2000 ork army 2000 choas army and 1500 Grey Knights

2nd November 2005 16:11