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just realised my age was wrong

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Wow! One dedicated guy!

31st October 2005 05:10

What biker could i make thats unique?

30th October 2005 01:10

Sorry for the last 3 (including this post) posts as my computer is being random and has decided to P...

29th October 2005 20:10


29th October 2005 20:10

Sorry for that

29th October 2005 20:10

Well I am doing a Space Marine biker army and bought them second hand as they were cheaper but then...

29th October 2005 20:10

I got a bit boared wid it

8th June 2005 03:06

I have resontly started my Dark Eldar 'Robber' (please send me anyother names begining with 'r' if y...

8th April 2006 23:04

I hate LOTR , it just seems really boring and pointless and has stupid rules.

19th March 2006 06:03

wow. I didnt know those two had history, by the way if your using the models for a diarama maybe get...

28th March 2006 03:03

Well I think so , it says you can make a walker baneblade type thing so yer. Wouldnt it be cool to m...

28th March 2006 02:03

BTW with the model design rules you could make a Necron Baneblade equivalent or a Dark Eldar Dreadna...

26th March 2006 16:03

It depends really , overall I would say probably Tyrinids but Eldar could be good if there numbers i...

26th March 2006 16:03

Wow! I'd been looking for the legions history for ages! thanks

26th March 2006 04:03

You install it , click game manager and activate

21st March 2006 00:03


20th March 2006 23:03

I play as Sisters of Battle (no witch hunter units, dont like em) I get alot and i mean ALOT of Bat...

19th March 2006 06:03

Well if you base the armies on the one on the game 'AvP Extinction' which was on PS2 and i think X-B...

29th March 2006 17:03

I would have a sentinal variation for the Witch Hunters that had 2 inferno guns on each side...i kno...

19th March 2006 06:03

I find Khorne is really annoying.. everyone uses Khorne... Tzeetch is the best though

19th March 2006 06:03

VDR? and i think there in a White Dwaf

19th March 2006 05:03

You need to extract the 'sga' files in W40k / WXP to somewhere then download a RGD reader , this is...

19th March 2006 05:03

Hey, I have started to mod on DoW. I have learnt how to change the health, time for build speed and...

19th March 2006 03:03

any chance of me getting the temple / tomb model of you?

19th March 2006 03:03

A inferno Sword , a sword that rolls 2 D6 for armour penetration, kinda multi-melta sword but its fo...

18th March 2006 17:03