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i hav tryed this and it worked out weirdly.if you just extract xml,models,skins from ship u need it...

13th January 2007 15:01


7th August 2007 18:08

bounty hunter.i dont know much bout him when he was BH.edit:sorry ment alpha 77.

19th August 2007 16:08

how about adding alpha 66 as hero?i mean he turned to BH after clonewars.

19th August 2007 16:08

okay,also is there way to make shadow alike smoke around defilers?

19th August 2007 15:08

first,how i can change the DS construction sound?i tried few things but it there other wa...

19th August 2007 10:08

does anyone know how could make asteroids explode be slave 1s seisemic charge?

18th August 2007 18:08

they are not deadly,they got cannons that hardly hit capitals.seriously theyre weak.

18th August 2007 18:08

or you could make that you need some weird structure to build it.

18th August 2007 18:08

ever considered making KSE firespray wing?since KSE eventualy started remaking firsprays,and they we...

9th August 2007 04:08

maybe because most of good modellers are already working on mods,fiding free decent modelers nowdays...

9th August 2007 04:08

we already have sounds.added some new stuff for jabba and blacksun jabba:blastromechs,outdated battl...

9th August 2007 04:08

could you switch from coder language to normal?i didnt understand this..:uhoh:

8th August 2007 18:08

Darth Gaius;38454161: get online 2: i wasnt talking about destroyers...but nvm that...i meant Utapau...

8th August 2007 18:08

yeh,i played that game.and also,i added commando class units (magnas,ARCs and such),heavy weapon coo...

7th August 2007 14:08

thats **** rigth!we are back and kicking,althou our progress is completely halted till i find modele...

25th August 2007 17:08

why?i could add those and wtf are you talking about sabaoth destroyers?they werent part of CIS navy.

7th August 2007 04:08

why not "womp rat destroyer" :P

6th August 2007 10:08

yup.i hosted trailer and watched myself and decided that it needed quality improvement (looked like...

6th August 2007 10:08

currently trying to find good host for trailer.also...added 1 new secret hero for new empire.

6th August 2007 05:08

nason;3840020i thought there were more than that i smell unfunny sarcasm.

6th August 2007 04:08

mainly for space...but there is 3 land battles too.

5th August 2007 18:08

home planets (huuuuge reinforcements for defender and attacer on these planets): empire:coruscant re...

5th August 2007 18:08

this is for story mode. oh,got to add home planets to thread.

5th August 2007 18:08

not all,either that or am dreaming,i think some of em has crash anims.not sure thou.

5th August 2007 18:08