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so u got it to work? Yea i guess ill have to change that ai thing and hope it works. Would i also ha...

2nd April 2003 10:04

I'm usually a lt. with a sten or mp40 depending on the map. I just love those headshots.:naughty:

20th April 2003 15:04

I use it to go forward ;)

19th April 2003 11:04

hopefully saturday or sunday.

19th April 2003 11:04

I can't get this to work so I'll just wait and see if you can. It just keeps saying technical diffic...

1st April 2003 11:04

Yeah i tried this and it still used the machine gun. Should I just remove that or did i do something...

1st April 2003 11:04

ok thanks ill have to switch back what i just did because i editted the weapons ini file and not the...

1st April 2003 10:04

I don't think u can. I'm pretty sure that all the mods i've seen have the same names so u can't play...

1st April 2003 09:04

Does anyone know how to add different weapons on to existing vehicles? Like putting a flamethrower o...

1st April 2003 06:04

how do i get my name into the clq website?

13th September 2002 04:09