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Profcorronit would be serious coding. and the duel staff thing. is just some .sab file coding, (ju...

9th March 2005 05:03

fraggerads20000I found it too easy at places. i think i even got a bit bored at one point because it...

2nd December 2005 02:12

also, heres a tidbit since they cut the game so thin, the last level at loose ends (the last part) t...

8th May 2005 21:05

^ I think thats quite accurate ive read the book 2wice so i'm your spoiler corner man

8th May 2005 21:05


14th May 2005 21:05

i added u on msn, and i have a buisness proposition... add me on msn for details

17th May 2005 03:05

and your plan is...?

6th July 2005 19:07

GiddyupI'm stuck, I get up the side of the mountain looking to destroy the big gun launching all the...

26th November 2005 06:11

Yeppo.. Incase you want to know, ill transcribe it for you (trailer) :smack: *Fades into Dog...

9th December 2005 05:12

i really want to help with the mod but I can't do any of the modeling and skinning and mapping and c...

8th May 2005 16:05

KEwl, also play as an AntLion, i wonder how that will work out.....

10th December 2005 05:12

How do you Disable AI?

19th January 2006 00:01

i think its fading out objects, which means you have a below dx5 card i think. you need a new card.

24th January 2006 02:01

Absolutely nothing! Just like what you are about to become!!!!!

25th January 2006 03:01

I know it's possible, and i have no way to test my theroy cause my good comp with HL2 on it is down...

26th February 2006 23:02

why has noone thought of superglue? He could've superglued his glasses to his eyes.

26th February 2006 23:02

ok, ill make a sidious quote from EP3 book (and one of the trailers) Sidious- Do you with to join...

8th May 2005 18:05


8th May 2005 16:05

dude... not to flame or anything but i like republic commando.. and you should keep it single, or ma...

9th March 2005 05:03

StomisI am going to be starting a new RPG server soon. I've grown sick of these RPG servers where ev...

24th March 2005 20:03

stellcatIt is going to be co-op:) kool!:eek:

9th March 2005 23:03

Master_LionheartWait a minute.... you said c++ right? Some of my friends said he can do c++, never k...

9th March 2005 23:03

HEY, YO does any1 know C++ cause i know of a mod that needs C++, ok heres the forum link http://fo...

9th March 2005 23:03

If you want, I'll be a sith lord... pweeze?

24th March 2005 20:03

sorry for the double post, but it costs money to make a server, and a good idea is to have some sort...

24th March 2005 20:03
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