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:talker: :confused: :moon: :beer: Hi, I was useing my map editor and it would not let me make the re...

21st October 2004 06:10

that jerec reskin is AWESOME, does it have bot and NPC support? Where can i get it?

10th July 2009 22:07

the link to the sit is broken and i can't get on it

11th July 2009 00:07

how do i contact that guy?

11th July 2009 06:07

well, what is his xfire sn?

11th July 2009 06:07

Ican't Wait to get the Jerec mod, I'm Trying to get all seven Dark Jedi from DF2, all i'm missing is...

14th July 2009 06:07

The Popsicle man;4947494Ican't Wait to get the Jerec mod, I'm Trying to get all seven Dark Jedi from...

14th July 2009 06:07

why would you show us the screenshot if you weren't going to release it?

17th July 2009 00:07

I can't get the JO skins to work on JA

18th July 2009 05:07

JO skins don't work when i try to spawn them

21st July 2009 03:07

The Sariss Skin looks great. I've been looking for one for a while, Does it have NPC support? And...

9th September 2009 03:09

there actually may be a way to make gorc using another model, try modifying a Gamorean model, it kin...

10th September 2009 02:09

General Jaxun;5002260Believe it or not, Gorc is actually a geneically modified Gammorean. So, if tha...

10th September 2009 04:09

The 95 Headhunter;5002286Ugh. Only if you choose to read the terrible novellas. Gorc in no way resem...

10th September 2009 07:09

is it almost done????

6th November 2009 22:11